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You want to find the right therapist for you. They should be well-trained, experienced, professional, ethical, and easy to talk to. Take a look and see what other therapists have to say about me!

I highly recommend Dr. Brian Doane if you are seeking a competent, knowledgeable, talented and compassionate counselor. Dr. Doane is recognized for his extensive training and experience supporting individuals and couples to identify and successfully meet their personal goals. He is also very respected by his colleagues and peers in the counseling community and has received formal recognition for his skills and abilities throughout his career. Using humor and a gentle, comforting and non-judgmental approach, Dr. Doane will put you at ease as you navigate challenges in your relationships and other important aspects of your life. Previous clients have described their counseling experience with Dr. Doane as not only effective, but “life changing.” If you want to feel better and get back to living your best life, make your first appointment with Dr. Doane today!

Dr. Corinne Zimmer - Licensed Psychologist

Tampa, FL

As a professional, Dr. Brian Doane is extremely knowledgeable and well-versed in his field. As a colleague, he is one of the most kind, warm-hearted people I know. He gives of himself with authenticity, compassion, and generosity. It’s not often that you meet someone who truly cares as much as he does and who is consistently willing to go that extra mile. As a therapist, Dr. Doane is incredibly relatable and he has an amazing ability to maintain an empathetic and open-stance while holding himself to the highest professional and ethical standards. Dr. Doane gives a great deal of empathy and compassion to his patients and he is unparalled when it comes to helping individuals and couples through their challenges. I highly recommend his services to potential clients wanting to feel happier, healthier and more peaceful in their relationships and life.

Dr. Carlos Garcia - Licensed Psychologist

Land O' Lakes, FL

If you are struggling with relationship difficulties, communicating effectively with the people you care about, stress, depression, anxiety, or the impacts of trauma, I would highly recommend services with Dr. Brian Doane. Dr. Doane seamlessly creates a comfortable, safe and collaborative therapy environment for the individuals and couples that he works with. He is known for being tremendously compassionate, kind, and easy to relate to. Previous clients have expressed that working with Dr. Doane was exceedingly helpful, and beneficial in getting them back on track towards living a meaningful life. I always keep Dr. Doane in mind when making referrals, and feel confident in saying that working with him will be one of the best decisions you can make for yourself, and your relationship!

Callie Nettles - Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Seminole Heights, FL

Referrals to other therapists are extremely important-- whether it is to collaborate or simply help get someone connected, I am always making sure that my clients or potential clients get to the person who can help them the most. Brian has always been my go-to therapist, someone who is understanding, caring, and good at what he does. I trust my clients or any potential client with him!!!

Allison Zangari - Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Marriage and Family Therapist

Tampa, FL

​I have know Brian for over 15 years. He is very professional and skilled at helping others. He is hard working, kind, persistent and insightful. His greatest strengths are that he deeply cares for others and has an ability to connect with people. He also has a great sense of humor. I have enjoyed my friendship with him and would highly recommended him if you are struggling with issues in your life and need someone to walk with you. 

Jason Hawkins - Licensed Professional Counselor and Marriage and Family Therapist

Grand Rapids, MI

I never hesitate in making a referral to Dr. Doane and neither should you! His warm and compassionate presence makes it truly comfortable to open up and share life's challenges. He offers an inclusive environment, culturally sensitive, and welcoming to people of all identities. If you are looking for a psychologist who will take time to learn and support you on your journey to healing, you have found the right place.

Heidi Petracco - Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Tampa, FL

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