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Take a look at a few common presenting concerns and contact me if you'd like to discuss how I can help.


While this concern can present itself in many ways (constant worry, panic, avoiding social situations, etc.), it often makes people feel helpless and exhausted. Maybe you’ve tried everything you can think of to help relax, but the anxious thoughts keep coming back and won’t leave you alone. This can certainly be frustrating to the point of feeling stuck. To get you unstuck, together we can sift through some of those thoughts and figure out where they came from and how to change them. We may also explore concrete techniques to help you find more peace and create a sustainable lifestyle.


If you’ve been feeling down to the point of not being able to enjoy every day life, you may need some extra support. I’ve enjoyed helping many folks over the years recognize those self-critical messages that perpetuate feeling sad, irritable, and lonely and then practice challenging them to create a new perspective. Additionally, I can pull from a variety of techniques to help you find more meaning and direction.


If you're not sleeping well, everything can feel off balance. Problems with sleep can negatively impact mood, appetite, even physical health. Fortunately there are many well-researched interventions shown to help people improve quality and quantity of sleep. We can review your current sleeping routine and create a tailored plan to get you back on track and feeling refreshed each morning.

Men's Issues

If you’re noticing the stress from your job, friends, or family is starting to really bother you, counseling may be useful. I enjoy helping other men figure out what they want out of life, redefine what it means to be a man, better understand romantic relationships, and enhance communication skills.


Do you consistently find yourself spending much more time worrying about how other people feel than how you feel? Individuals who struggle with co-dependency have difficulty asserting their own needs out of fears of being selfish or making others upset. I can work with you to find a healthy balance between caring for others while learning how to pay attention to your own needs. Our first session could be your first step in taking ownership of what’s important to you.

Phase of Life Transitions

It’s fairly common to experience some stress when going through a life change. This could be going off to college, graduating, marriage, divorce, or retirement. Many times, we can’t totally control what life presents to us, but we can learn to adjust to it. I enjoy helping people sort through some of the confusion around these changes and eventually move from being concerned about the future to embracing it.

Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse and their Partners

The impact of childhood sexual abuse in adulthood can vary, but difficulty often emerges around trust, communication, and sexual intimacy. It’s also very common for these challenges to influence romantic relationships and affect the partner of the survivor. I’ve had a passion for helping survivors and their partners going all the way back to my doctoral dissertation. I take a strengths-based approach to help build from what is already going well. From there, we can create a plan unique to your situation to help enhance trust, communication, and sexual intimacy. If you can relate to this experience as either the survivor or partner, consider speaking with me to discuss how we might help you build a better relationship.

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